The Artwork of John Davis Held  

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Solo Flight - Pastel 16 x 20

Troika Gallery News

This gallery has some stunning artwork!

I am honored to be represented there!!

Artist Bio of John Davis Held

As a young child, John Davis Held had no idea that he and his two sisters were well behaved. As a consequence, his parents frequently took them to some of New York City's finest restaurants, after spending the afternoons perusing the world class art.

"I have vivid memories of eating the first ├ęclair of my life at the age of eight in the member's cafeteria of the Museum of Modern Art. We had just seen a Magritte exhibition. I was never quite the same again." he reports.

When he was thirteen, he was accepted into the Science Honors Program of Columbia University, and spent his weekends taking Psychology, Computer and Astrophysics courses. But his fascination with art soon led him in other directions.

"I remember spending a lot of afternoons visiting Art Galleries in Chelsea and the Village when I was supposed to be doing my homework in the library" he recalls. During his college days at the California Institute of the Arts, John lived in an African hut that he helped build during a course in African Hut Building and Sorcery. He then moved his studies up to Washington State where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Art from the Evergreen State College.

Since then, the award winning artist has become known for his luminous skies painted in both pastel and oil. He has had One Man Shows at the Troika Gallery, the Antreasian Gallery, and at NIH as well as appearing on CBS and Fox news during the three Baltimore Artscapes he participated in. He is presently represented at the Troika Gallery.

His work conveys an extraordinary sense of light. "After I finish a painting," the artist says when describing his process, "I feel like a traveler returning with magical mementos from an extraordinary journey."

Copper Budvase - Oil 14 x 9

curriculum section

Living On The Edge - Pastel 16 x 20
Expostulation of Light - Pastel 16 x 20

I am represented by The Troika Gallery in Easton Maryland. It's a really fabulous gallery.

The Green Vase - Oil - 14 x 9
Handthrown - Oil 14 x 9
The Headcloth - Oil 16 x 12

I have new art in the Troika Fall Champagne Show and Reception.

The reception is from 5:00pm to 8:00pm November 11, 2016. Here's a link to the gallery with more details: Troika Gallery

I'd love to see you there!

Rebecca - Oil 18 x 18

Sky, Earth and Water
Solo Flight - Pastel - 16 x 20

Artist Statement

Art opens your eyes.

Art is more than capturing one moment in time. It is about timelessness.

I like the way I work. It's a little like being suspended up in the sky without a net, and viewing the world from a very special place.

Looking at a beautiful piece of art is like drinking a glass of extraordinarily fine wine--only better!



Still Lifes
Stormsweep - Pastel 16 x 20
Heat Signature Oil 14 x 24
Venus - Pastel 20 x 16
Before Gabriel's Visit - Oil 16 x 12

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